Front Spring Set, Hard (3 pair): 22T/SCT by TLR

Front Spring Set, Hard (3 pair): 22T/SCT by TLR

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Front Spring Set, Hard (3 pair): 22T/SCT


Key Features

  • Three Pairs of Hard Front Springs 22T, 22SCT and TEN-SCTE platform with the 22 Shock Conversion installed (TLR334029).
  • Paint Markings - Each spring is marked with a paint swatch at the end of the spring for easy identification
  • Black Oxide Finish - The black oxide finish works as protection from corrosion


The Hard Front Spring Set allows for a firmer suspension feel. The three included springs are only separated by .3 lbs/in increments allowing for very fine tuning to get your TLR Truck dialed in. These firmer springs reduce the roll rate of the front end of the truck, keeping it flatter and allowing it to transition from left-to-right more quickly.

Springs included in order from softest to stiffest:

  • Purple 4.4 lbs./in
  • Brown 4.7 lbs./in
  • Light Blue 5.0 lbs./in