G6T SC Oval Tyre / D40 Compound / With Inserts / 2Pcs.

G6T SC Oval Tyre / D40 Compound / With Inserts / 2Pcs.


De Racing
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G6T D40 Compound Tires for Short Course Oval Racing

DE Racing G6T Grooved Oval SC 2.2/3.0" Short Course Truck Tires are taking Oval tracks by storm! Designed specifically for the Oval Racing enthusiast competing in the SC based Modified and Late Model classes, the Grooved G6T features a true full scale appearance and racing pedigree that can’t be mistaken. 

Offered in two rubber compounds, the G6T’s have what it takes to dominate a wide variety of conditions. The proof is on the podium, and these tires have stormed their way to the top step at tough open tire events across the nation.  


  • Designed specifically for oval racing
  • True scale appearance
  • Available in D30(Super Soft) and D40(Soft) Compounds
  • Standard SC 2.2 / 3.0 Glue Beads
  • Made In U.S.A.
  • Foam inserts included