GT- Power Tyre Warmer Set

GT- Power Tyre Warmer Set

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This is G.T. Power RC Tire Warmer with Temperature Controller. For 1/10 Touring Car / 1/10 M Car / 1/10 F1 
Why do you need a tire warmer?
Because you get on the pace faster and more stable performance!
A tire warmer is beneficial to have, so the surface rubber of the tire is hot, so that the rubber can fill the little crevices of the track better, providing better grip in the early stages of the race. Having the surface rubber hot increases the co-efficient of friction of the rubber, adding to its ability to grip the track surface.
By using a tire warmer, you allow the heat to soak through to your insert and rim there for the tire will not cool down as quick when taking your spot on the grid and provide a more consistent temperature from start to finish.  


  • Quick Adjustable Voltage
  • Small, Lightweight
  • Relay switch operation


  • Input Voltage: 7.4 - 12V
  • Temperature: 30 - 80deg Celsius
  • Sensor: LM350Z - Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensor
  • Heat Pads: 310 x 80mm
  • Amp Draw: 5.2A / 12V
  • Input Connector: 2 x Alligator Clips
  • Weight: 80g


  • Temperature Controller (1 pc)
  • Tire Warmer (4 pcs)
  • Tire Temperature Chart (1 pc)