Outlaw Sprint HB Front Tyres / Clay Compound / With Inserts

Outlaw Sprint HB Front Tyres / Clay Compound / With Inserts


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Clay Compound Tires (Front) for Outlaw Sprint HB Racing


DE Racing Outlaw Sprint HB front tires are designed for SCT based drag racing and perfectly complement our Street outlaw Sprint Rear.  They are also designed to be a winning combo when used with our Outlaw Sprint Rear on high bite oval speedways. These split profile tires feature a 1.7" outer bead, combined with a 2.2" inner bead to provide great scale looks with incredible on track performance.

Offered in super soft D30, soft D40, and Clay rubber compounds, the Outlaw Sprint HB tire has what it takes to dominate a wide variety of high grip conditions. The proof is on the podium, and DE tires have stormed their way to the top step at tough open tire events across the nation.

NOTE: These tires are only compatible with DE Racing Gambler Front Wheels



  • Designed specifically for SCT based drag racing and High Bite oval
  •     True scale appearance
  •     Available in D40 (Soft), D30 (Super Soft), and Clay Compounds
  •     Non-Standard 1.7” / 2.2” Glue Beads
  •     Made in the U.S.A.
  •     Includes two tires and two red closed cell inserts