NEW X2 Pro V2 Dual Channel Smart Charger. 2x100W or 1x200w Lipo 1-6S, NiCad, NiMh, PB. AC/DC by GT Power

NEW X2 Pro V2 Dual Channel Smart Charger. 2x100W or 1x200w Lipo 1-6S, NiCad, NiMh, PB. AC/DC by GT Power


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This G.T. Power X2 PRO V2 AC/DC Dual Channel Intelligent Balance Charger & Discharger. Multifunctional, all-in-one smart charger. Two individual outputs, with the possibility of simultaneous charging using Smart Distribution or Equal Distribution.

Smart Distribution intelligently prioritises the first battery that starts charging with the full 200W, and when the first battery has finished, will distribute power to the second battery.  

Equal Distribution will evenly distribute power between the 2 channels if both channels are trying to exceed 200W.




  • IOS & ANDROID APP, to control all charging functions are configurable via the APP

  • Bluetooth connection

  • QR Code system to scan to load, it's simple & effective!

  • New mode to repair batteries, Use this mode to repair the battery when the battery voltage is very low, to regain capacity.

  • New discharge function, Thanks to the X2 Pro charger, transfer the power of the discharged battery to the battery input. The efficiency of discharging, wasting electrical energy, has been improved. The conversion rate reaches 95%.

  • Integrated tire warmer and battery warmer function For tire warmers on channel 2 only. *Additional pars required**

  • Intergrated servo tester on channel 2 only.
  • Multifunction charger




  • Input Voltage: AC100-200V, DC 11-26V

  • Charge current: 0.1-12Ax2

  • Discharge current: 0.1-3Ax2, 12Ax2 in FB-DIS

  • Charge power mode: AC Max 200W, DC Max 400W

  • Discharge power: Max 5Wx2, 200Wx2 in FB-DIS

  • Balance current mode: Max 1A

  • Balance Tolerance: +/- 0.01V

  • Charging capability: LiXX:1-6 Cells / NiXX:1-15 series

  • Pb battery voltage: Pb:2-20V

  • Weight: 925g

  • Dimensions: 107x165x170mm




  • G.T. Power X2 PRO V2 AC/DC Dual Channels Intelligent Balance Charger Discharger

  • NZ Compliant AC Power cord

  • 2x XT60 to T Plug charge leads